We are sure you've seen them out and about or wonder when you drive by.  Here at Wachusett, we have fun.  We have several interesting "toys" in the form of transportation that we love to show off.  Check out what they are about and why we have them...
In 2016 we got our hands on a 12 passenger bus, then we transformed it into "The Fun Bus".  We use it for many things including company trips, safely transporting members of our accounts to come check out our brewery, and coming soon it will be a shuttle for people who want to take the Commuter Rail to come visit our new Tap Barn and Brew Yard.
We obtained this 1980 firetruck from the Gardner Fire Department.  They retired the vehicle and we thought it would be a fun piece of equipment to own!  Over the years, we have used it for events and fund raisers.  Over the years have donated $5,000+ to the Leary Firefighter Foundation, whose logo is proudly displayed along the side of the truck.
It is equipped with 17 tap handles to show off all of our awesome brews.  Although, it has not been gutted yet to get a refrigeration unit installed for pouring beer from the taps.  It is on our to-do list, and we will be sure to let you know when we get around to it.
This little HHR was turned into the Monsta Mobile back in 2014.  We use it for events and our sales team takes it out on the road for promotions and appearances.  The large storage area in the back is great for hauling beer and swag.  It has also been seen just driving around in the Fenway area for fun!
Wally is our custom made Airstream trailer that is the centerpiece of our new Brew Yard.  State of the art equipment on the inside with a rustic barn board wood decor.  The outside features a serving window and a wrap around bar.  To accompany this awesome bar...KEG STOOLS!  Would you expect anything less?

In addition to the bar being named Wally after the founder of Airstream Wallace Byam, we thought it was the perfect name for our newest beer.  A hazy, juicy New England Style IPA that is sure to please your pallet.
Like most breweries, we have trucks...LOTS of them!  There are 5 trucks in our fleet to be exact.  Our guys are always on the road delivering fresh Wachusett for you to enjoy.


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